Our Belief

  • The only thing of permanent nature in today’s world is “CHANGE”.
  • Today, total world has become a global Community. India is a part of that community.
  • Opposing to be a part of that community is like opposing the law of gravitational force.
  • Every country, territory, political sub-division or local authority (A country) has got its own story of coming into existence.

Elements Affecting the Economic Activity Across the World

  • Natural Resources
  • Economic State of the country
  • Scientific / Technological progress
  • Political Will or type of Governance
  • Social issues

Refer Annexure 1 for the matrix of inter play of these elements. It is meant for a curious person. One can read this statement without reading the annexure. It is advisable to read the annexure after reading this statement..

Response by Country

  • Government of each country responds to above mentioned factors by way of creating various laws and regulations.
  • These laws and regulations are an ever changing phenomenon. They generally change in response to economic and socio-political atmosphere of the country.
  • Governments also enter into various treaties with governments of other countries to solve and regulate international trade.
  • Tax is a cost paid by people to government for a civilized society.

Refer Annexure 2 for information about law, agreement with other country etc. It is meant for a curious person. One can read this statement without reading the annexure. It is advisable to read the annexure after reading this statement.

Our Approach

According to us the economic activities of any entity can be divided into two broad categories. The primary activity is one for which the entity is created. Secondary activity is one which does not have a direct or one to one nexus with the main activity.

 Nature of Activity  Meaning  Example  Can be Compared with Following
 Soldier  Farmer
 Main / Primary  The main object with entity is created.  Manufacturing / trading / financial services by a banker  Sword  Sowing seeds cultivation cutting crops, processing etc
 Support / Secondary  Activities which does not have direct or one to one nexus with the main object.  Administration / accounts / finance / HR activities  Shield  Building fences around his farm, keeping out birds and
animals that may eat his crop

Generally our services fall under second category i.e. Support / Secondary activity. Our approach can be further explained by taking two very simple examples that of farmer and a soldier.


The role of a soldier is to guard his country. For that he requires a sword to kill his enemies. But he also requires a shield to save himself from enemy’s sword. Merely by having a shield he cannot win a war and he necessarily would need a sword. But shield would keep him alive.

By choosing the example of a soldier we want to communicate the intensity and the dynamism of the business environment today. An entrepreneur is almost akin to a soldier fighting for a cause, facing an ever-changing environment. We don’t want to communicate that business is like war, kill or be killed.


The main activity of a farmer is growing crops and selling them. For this he has to sow the seeds, cut the crops, process them, take them to the market etc. All these form a part of the primary activity of the farmer.

Along with this he also has to do things like, building fences, keeping birds away etc. These activities do not have a direct nexus with his main activity but he still has to perform them. Merely by building fences the crops won’t grow but building fences ensures their safety.

Services rendered by our firm are like fencing / shield to your business. They ensure safety and smooth functioning of your business.
Their absence may affect the very survival of your business.

We interacted with numerous entrepreneurs. Their perceptions are as follows:

Regarding situation Regarding response to situation
  • The only constant thing is change.
  • The speed of change is tremendous.
  • The business environment today is very vibrant, dynamic and more importantly unpredictable.
  • Everybody has to learn, relearn and more importantly unlearn.
  • The things which are relevant or valuable today may become irrelevant and obsolete tomorrow.
  • Those who survive in the long run are the ones who may not be the strongest or the wisest, may not be the most efficient but are the ones who can adapt to change.

In our opinion, we act as your Financial and Legal:

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Doctors
  • Philosophers
  • Sculptors
  • Innovator
  • Forensic Expert
  • Diplomat

Our job also include to make the client aware of probable unfortunate situation and to means and ways avoid it.

Any person who is not connected with the process of maintaining books of account should come to understand all the important transactions and events and impact thereof just by reading the financial statements and without referring to books of account.

Success is like an ice berg